Business creation, implementation and start-up

NEL-i had a front row seat when Mobilus Technologies was founded. At the time, founder Milos Skrga, wanted to develop an application concept that would optimize and facilitate any type of home delivery for SMBs.

Although the concept was innovative and promising and its web designers had set up a functional platform, Mobilus needed to evaluate which clients to approach and how to put forward product placement strategies. To assist Mobilus, NEL-i conducted market studies, helped build the business model, and define the company’s priorities for its first three. NEL-i then measured the environmental benefits associated with optimizing travel resulting from the platform.

This led to the creation of an innovative platform that enabled package tracking, optimized delivery routes, customer visibility of delivery times in real time, and peace of mind for users at both the shipping and receiving ends.

The result? Five years into this partnership, Mobilus has carried out over 50M orders, becoming the national reference in terms of deliveries to pharmacies, but also to various businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores and shops.