NEL-i is a vast network of experts who will guide your business in a constantly changing world

Who We Are

NEL-I is a group of entrepreneurs from the digital technology, engineering, finance, cleantech, education, marketing and communications sectors, whose role is to support its partners in transitioning and integrating into the new economy.

Our Values

We believe that our values redefine the business world and that the companies that embody them will be the most successful.

All of our activities aim to promote ethical growth and the sustainable use of resources.

Consume better, produce more efficiently and measure the impact for future generations. Ensure equitable distribution of wealth through strong commitments and transparent governance.

Our Mission

Our role is to accelerate the transition to a new economy, and to help existing organizations integrate into it.

Its Fair Share...

All our actions have an impact.

This is why NEL-i gives back to the planet:

  • 1% of its revenue is donated to the environment;
  • 15% of profits reinvested in social or environmental initiatives;
  • An internal carbon tax of $110/t CO2.

Contact Us

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