Complimentary expertise, common values, a single objective: to propel you to the front.

The Climate Leadership group is the very foundation of our organization.

Our vision and values, including those of ethical growth and sustainable use of resources, are at the heart of everything we do.

We are convinced that our values redefine the business world and that the companies that embody them will be the best performers.

We support organizations in reviewing their corporate social responsibility (CSR) and improving practices at environmental, societal and governance (ESG) levels.

We have been pioneers in dealing with climate impacts and risk assessment for businesses, in the development of adaptation plans and in communication relating to environmental efforts. We are also trying to transform the climate challenge into an opportunity to create value. We are masters at valuing and monetizing the potential for reducing GHG emissions and our expertise in carbon market mechanisms and in climate finance is recognized worldwide.

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New models to stay at the forefront

Rethink business models, develop new value propositions and modernize marketing mechanisms; three essential elements to allow companies to thrive within the emerging economic models.

Control the risks. Seize opportunities. From analysis stages to implementation, including planning, financing and business development, our teams of experts support you.

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Financing is the beating heart of any business

Our investor partners, with whom we share values and vision, are looking for new niches, new initiatives whose return on investment is not only monetary. Our entrepreneur partners see and create value differently. We build bridges between them.

A strategic approach to consolidating different sources and funding structures can be the cornerstone of the feasibility of your projects. Do you have the right team?

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Managers of choice for your tech projects

Technological development and integration are at the heart of all our projects and relationships with our partners. Do you need support to develop and finance your innovation projects? We work in partnership and become part of your projects; your success then becomes ours too.

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