New Economy Leaders

Accelerate the transition to a fair, prosperous
and sustainable economy.

A world of change and opportunity. Dare to dream. Dare to undertake.

NEL-i is a climate consultancy and project developer, providing strategic, technical and financial advisory services to raise climate ambitions and deliver down-to-earth solutions. We work with private companies, institutions and governments across various jurisdictions to create value by solving the problems of climate change.


Our Expertise

Climate Leadership

We support organizations in reviewing their corporate social responsibility and improving practices at environmental, societal and governance levels.

Corporate Strategy

From analysis to implementation, through planning, financing and business development, our teams of experts will support you.

Creative Financing

A strategic approach to consolidating different funding sources and structures can be the cornerstone of the feasibility of your projects.

Technology & Innovation

Technological development and integration are at the heart of all our projects and relationships with our partners.

Create value through a diversity of visions, thoughts, talents.

Our experts in finance, marketing, technology and sustainable development enhance the impact of your projects.

The companies that embody our values will be the best performers.

Ethical Growth

Ensure an equitable distribution of wealth through firm commitments and transparent governance.

Sustainable Use of Resources

Consume better, produce more efficiently and above all, measure the impact for future generations.

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