Contractual quotation obligations – Calculation and offsetting of GHG emissions

NEL-i was asked to help calculate and compensate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of a major public infrastructure project, in conformity with the client’s tender document. This project required the verification of the GHG emission declaration in accordance with ISO 14064-3.

site-construction-dessinThe project involved multiple construction phases and a large number of stakeholders, emission sources and data collection points. We implemented efficient data management methods and automated emission calculations by using a standardized numerical tool to quantify the GHG emissions of a construction site (or C-GHGAT, for Construction site GHG Automated Tool).

The tool enabled the integration of construction site stages (GANTT diagram) and the breakdown of emission forecasts into a list of drivers. Site operations data (trucking, excavation, generators, etc.) are regularly loaded into the tool which automatically calculates GHG emissions, facilitating site monitoring and forecasts.

NEL-i assembled a diversified portfolio of innovative, carbon-negative projects from around the world for the client to invest in, in order to offset their own emissions. Our team then helped produce turnkey external communication material to integrate those projects’ stories into the client’s own.